A description of the forest dilemma on protecting the worlds forests

Background[ edit ] Each year more than 13 million hectares 32 million acres of forests are lost, an area roughly the size of England. Most importantly, forests play a critical role in climate change including global warming: Forest Day[ edit ] The catalyst for Forest Day was a casual conversation in Oxford, Englandin Februarybetween two scientists who felt the world was underestimating the importance of forests in mitigating carbon emissions and saw a glaring need for the latest forestry research and thinking to inform global policy makers and UNFCCC negotiators.

A description of the forest dilemma on protecting the worlds forests

August 1, By Nikhil Mehta Forests are essential for the sustainability of planet earth.

Short Essay on Save Forests - Important India

Forests command great influence on the climate, soil, and environment of our world. Why save the forest? Forests prevent floods and reduce soil erosion by regulating the flow of water.

Adequate forest cover also ensures a sustainable and safe environment. Forest helps in increasing the humidity of the air and cause greater rainfall.

They also help in increasing the soil fertility.

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They protect the adjoining crops by reducing the velocity of the storms. How to save forests? We can Save forests stopping the cutting of trees stop deforestationestablishing new forests afforestation and reestablishing old forests reforestation. Fresh trees should be planted and in this way the trees that are cut should be replaced.

Planting of trees should be a constant progress. Besides, trees that are planted must be of the right type.

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They should be such that can prevent soil erosion, check floods, and air pollution. They should also be such that grow and mature rapidly and whose wood can be used for the purpose of construction and for making furniture, etc. New varieties of trees should be developed to achieve these ends.

Grass and fodder should be grown near the fields in which the people work so that they may use them easily according to their need. Planned afforestation should be undertaken in needed areas.

How to make afforestation programmes a success? A comprehensive programme of afforestation is the urgent need of the hour, but success in it can be achieved only through the co-operation of the local people. Hence, education of the people in this connection is essential.

Strong public opinion should be created against deforestation. Population explosion should be controlled for which intensive efforts should be made on a war-footing. Increased population means more space for the housing and more need for fuel wood, timber, etc. Deforestation and population explosion are closely interconnected.

Hence, no programme of checking deforestation can be successful without a corresponding programme of population control. The forest conservation programs that are undertaken are scientific. The forests areas are maintained and planted with trees under the Forest conservation programs.

· Edit Photo Description: When a forest is lost anywhere, people feel it everywhere. The world’s forests are key stores of this natural capital, as they regulate climate, harbor biodiversity and regulate water flows.

Conservation International monitors forests to both ensure their health and to ensure the long-term success of our grupobittia.com • – National forest management focuses on protecting lands against overgrazing, controlling and combating fire, protecting fish and game, and providing public recreation.

• The Weeks Act authorized the Secretary of Agriculture to purchase cutover, denuded, and other forested lands for . Deforestation, clearance, or clearing is the removal of a forest or stand of trees where the land is thereafter converted to a non-forest use.

A description of the forest dilemma on protecting the worlds forests

Examples of deforestation include conversion of forestland to farms, ranches, or urban use. The most concentrated deforestation occurs in tropical rainforests. About 31 percent of Earth's land surface is covered by forests. · The area is dominated by coniferous forests, particularly spruce, interspersed with vast wetlands, mostly bogs and fens.

Forests and the Environment

Media related to Boreal forest of Canada at Wikimedia Commons Map of Canadian Ecozones. The Alberta Centre for Boreal Studies; Boreal Songbird Initiative;grupobittia.com  · Environment What's lurking in the German forest? Germans are passionate about their forests.

They really are.

The Mata Atlântica is arguably Brazil's most threatened forest. The Pantanal is an inland wetland that borders Paraguay and Bolivia and covers an area of , square kilometers. It includes a mosaic of forests and flooded grasslands. Short Essay on Save Forests. Category: Environment On August 1, By Nikhil Mehta. Forests are essential for the sustainability of planet earth. Forests command great influence on the climate, soil, and environment of our world. Why save the forest?grupobittia.com  · WHO OWNS THE WORLD’S FORESTS? FOREST TENURE AND PUBLIC FORESTS IN TRANSITION by Andy White & Alejandra Martin have proven that public ownership can be effective in protecting and managing forests, others have report concludes with a description of the data’s key implications and opportunities for key grupobittia.com

In a way that grupobittia.com  · The International Day of Forests was established on the 21st Participants stressed the broad importance of forest ecosystems and noted that forests comprise an inter-dependent The day saw the emergence of a robust consensus that the risks of no action on protecting the world’s forests are far greater than the risks of moving ahead grupobittia.com

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