Andreessen horowitz business plan

It's got a budget that could top that of several small states and a long track record of success that helped it grow to such a scale. Do you stand a chance?

Andreessen horowitz business plan


We need to understand that successful information technology IT startups, especially the ones that make headlines, are rare. So, by a simple analogy, that pop culture view and those decades of historical data constitute one huge pile of hay.

Somewhere in there were some golden needles. Next, in IT the assumption is that the rest is essentially just routine software. Occasionally this approach works, e. The technology of routine software is necessary but not nearly sufficient — typically more is needed.

Is there a better way? Definitely yes; rock solid, well proven, going back at least many decades. The better way is mostly just in andreessen horowitz business plan to do projects such as, Hoover Dam, the Edison electric light bulb, GPS, and many more.

andreessen horowitz business plan

To adapt this better way to IT startups: The best example, although not in IT, would be a safe, effective, cheap, patentable one pill to cure any cancer.

For such a problem we can expect that finding the first good or a much better solution will be challenging.

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May have to consider more than one problem to find one such problem. Likely need means of solution that are especially powerful, i. He got the idea for a tungsten filament from the English chemist Swan and the idea for a sufficiently good vacuum pump from a guy in Germany.

It is better, and in some cases important or even essential, that the solution provide a barrier to entry, and one way to do this is to do some good original research with some advanced prerequisites. Since we are in IT, typically the prerequisites have to be in applied math, e. With good work on 1 and 2it should be possible to write a good project planning document, and with such a document the execution should be largely routine, predictable, and low risk.

Again, the high gains and low risk we are looking for are rare and, thus, nearly impossible to see just empirically in a rear view mirror.

The LHC project was essentially the first of its kind and astoundingly complex yet low risk. But IT startup projects are not run this way. The problems are not important enough. The solution technology is not powerful enough. A solid planning document is not written.

So, the risk is high; on average the ROI is poor; and get another Google or Facebook only a few times a decade. Silicon Valley should be deeply embarrassed. Great post; it seems that flexibility of thought paired with commitment and knowledge for a specific problem is a sweet spot.

And perhaps obsession for solving a problem is more important than conviction for a single solution?

I suspect are the ammunition to last through the maze? After all, if we did not need to go through the journey, VCs would go out of business.An Andreessen Horowitz VC's 3-Step Battle Plan to Beat a Bigger Competitor John O'Farrell, a partner at the legendary VC firm, offers advice for .

Andreessen Horowitz GP Connie Chan used her expertise to get Chance the Rapper into China. a16z; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Connie Chan, a Silicon Valley venture capital focused on consumer tech.

The first time I walked into the lobby of Andreessen Horowitz, four guys were waiting near the wall. Two sat in chairs. Two stood. And all four peered into open laptops, anxiously reviewing the.

andreessen horowitz business plan

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Don’t over-optimize your legal contracts for a situation that might not happen for 5 years — or ever. Andreessen and Horowitz launched the firm in , when venture investment was frozen by the recession. Their strategy was shaped by their friend Andy Rachleff, a former V.C.

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