Angel 21 nightly business report

Lester Holt The Brian Williams drama has reached a full boil.

Angel 21 nightly business report

Two massive drug companies are work on what could be the biggest acquisition of the year. What caused the economy to hit the brakes and slow considerably in the third quarter?

New way to invest. Why ordinary people may soon be able to fund projects that were once out of reach and get a share of the profits. Good evening, everyone, and thanks for joining us. It could be a deal like no other. AGN are in early talks to merge. PFE did turn negative late in the day. PFE in a familiar position.

Last year, it unsuccessfully pursued AstraZeneca, but as Meg Tirrell reports, it now hopes for a different outcome. AGNthe maker of Botox. AGN will be more willing.

The New York-based drug giant has been looking for a way to lower its corporate tax rate.

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PFE could pursue an inversion deal, moving its headquarters overseas. PFE tap into its cash held outside the U. Sidney Dillard, the head of corporate investment banking at Loop Capital, joins us now to discuss her outlook. Nice to have you here.

What is it in the backdrop right now that is making these deals so attractive? PFE in terms of driving down their tax rate. Are they buying growth, or are they buying their way to higher earnings per share by cost cuts? Or a little of both? AGN has probably like a 10 percent growth rate that they have, which is the highest amongst, you know, most of the pharma companies.

What other companies are you looking at as possible merger partners? So, you could have things like that going on. So — but, you know, those are some examples.

PFE possible tie-up, are they good for America? They ultimately decided not to. There was obviously a big firestorm in Washington about that. I mean, I think ultimately, though, the CEOs of those companies are focused on how it is that they create shareholder value. And so, I think the bigger question is what their charge is, and so that is their charge.

Sidney, thank you so much. Sidney Dillard with Loop Capital. On Wall Street, stocks fell on mixed earnings results and weaker than expected economic reports. More on that in a moment.The feelgood GoFundMe story about a New Jersey couple and a homeless man was an elaborate scam.

angel 21 nightly business report

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[OPB PLUS]. Nightly Business Report. The Senate aims to approve its version of the tax reform bill this week as lawmakers work double time to fine tune its provisions.

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