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Article writing services in pakistan iman

Precedents[ edit ] The Quran does not address this issue; relevant precedents are therefore sought for in the hadiththe traditions attributed to Muhammad ; the sunnahhis actions, including but not limited to hadith; and the principle of ijmaconsensus.

The only[ citation needed ] hadith that unequivocally states that women may not lead mixed congregations is Ibn Majah Article writing services in pakistan iman iqamat is-salat was-sunnati fihanarrated through Jabir ibn Abdullah: The best rows for men are the first rows, as opposed to the last ones, and the best rows for women are the last ones as opposed to the first ones.

Umm Waraqa bint Abdallah, an Ansari woman, who knew the entire Quran jama'at al-Qur'anwas instructed by Muhammad to lead ahl dariha, which consisted of both men and women, in prayer. Umm Waraqa was one of the few to hand down the Quran before it was recorded in writing. She could do so because she had memorized the entire corpus.

A general translation is "area", constituting the community around where Umm Waraqa lived. This idea is not accepted by many scholars. Another translation is dar is "household", which would mean that Umm Waraqa led prayers in her home. Who was she leading?

article writing services in pakistan iman

Imam Zaid presents three possibilities: Each of these possibilities requires certain assumptions, but the most accepted is that Umm Waraqa was leading the women of her household, thus leading to the conclusion that women are allowed to lead prayers of all-female congregations.

Zaid insists that if the Prophet established a mosque in the household of a man, which was not uncommon, Itban b. Malikthen he must also have set up women-only congregations.

They further state that they were among only women, not male worshippers. Aside from the hadith, there are other sources to consider. The sunnah is a more general source of precedent; it is usually considered to count against women leading mixed congregations, as there are no reports of it happening in Muhammad's time, unless, as Amina Wadud suggested, the aforementioned Umm Waraqah hadith is interpreted to apply to her town rather than to her household alone.

A third source of precedent is the principle of ijma —consensus—supported by the hadith "My community will never agree upon an error. One of the most authoritative overviews of the viewpoints of the classical jurists on whether women may lead the prayer or not is "Whether to Keep Women out of the Mosque: Three of the four Sunni madhhabs — Shafi'isHanafisand Hanbalis —allow this, although Hanafis consider it to be makrooha disliked act.

The fourth division, Malikisdo not permit women to lead women in prayer. Where it is allowed, the woman stands among the congregation in the front row, instead of alone in front of the congregation.

This is so that the men do not have to look at a woman ahead of them, which is not allowed. Insix marja s among Iran 's Shia leadership declared that they too allowed women to lead a woman-only congregation, reversing a previous ban in that country. The imams and all the congregants are women and men are not allowed into the buildings.

A handful of women have been trained as imams in order to serve these mosques. In recent years, efforts have been made to establish similar mosques in India and Iran.After the May elections, Mohammed Hanif writing for The Guardian termed Khan's support as appealing "to the educated middle classes but Pakistan's main problem is that there aren't enough educated urban middle-class citizens in the country".Political party: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

article writing services in pakistan iman

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There is a current controversy among Muslims regarding the circumstances in which women may act as imams, i.e. to lead a congregation in salat (prayer). (Note that there are many types of Islamic religious leaders aside from imams, and that Muslim women have featured as theological figures in the history of Islam.)A number of schools of Islamic thought do make exceptions for taraawih (optional.

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