Smartpen custom paper tags

Prices are subject to change depending on the final artwork approval. Set Up charges for rubber, hangtags, plastic, cloth, or metal, are incurred when a sample is made. We recommend that our products, be tested by the user to determine if the product chosen is suitable for the purpose intended.

Smartpen custom paper tags

Note taking help It's the end of feeling stressed about note-taking in class. Smartpens capture everything you hear and write so you can be confident that you'll never miss a word.

No matter what your learning style is, a smartpen lets you capture words, scribbles and diagrams and syncs everything to what is said. Livescribe lets you organize your notes to fit your learning style. Transfer all your smartpen notes and recordings to your computer to search for key phrases and create custom virtual notebooks to better organize your notes.

Convenient play back controls on your Livescribe paper allow you to slow down or speed up the audio recordingcontrol volume and even bookmark key information.

Don't settle for confusing notes. Just tap on your notes and your smartpen will play back what the instructor said — as many times as you need to hear it.

Before the big exam Additional features: The calculator located on the inside covers of your notebook performs basic math functions, as well as many useful scientific functions. To use the calculator, tap on the printed keys with the tip of the Livescribe smartpen. The calculator displays results and accepts input of numbers up to a length of 11 characters.

If a result is longer than 11 digits, the calculator displays it in exponential notation. Using the printed calculator PowerPoint Presentation: Double-tap the center of a Nav Plus. A double-tap is two taps in quick succession. Your smartpen will display the Quick Command indicator in the Main Menu.

It is waiting for you to write a Quick Command. Without using the printed calculator PowerPoint Presentation: Your smartpen will prompt you to write a problem. With the Translator Demo, you can translate a small set of words and the numbers zero to nine from English into Spanish, Swedish, Arabic, or Mandarin.

By writing a word in English in your notebook, you can see and hear correct translation from the Livescribe smartpen. Here are the words currently defined for the Translator Demo: With Piano, you can draw a piano on your dotted paper and play music with the Livescribe smartpen.

You can change the sound of your piano, add rhythm tracks, and add sharp and flat notes. You can launch Piano from the Nav Plus as shown in the figures below: Using the piano PowerPoint Presentation: From left to right, draw 9 parallel vertical lines.

smartpen custom paper tags

The Livescribe smartpen display will display a blinking line to indicate which line you should draw next. Connect the 9 parallel lines with horizontal lines at the top and bottom. The Livescribe will display blinking rectangles on your piano. Draw rectangles after the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th piano key lines, as in the display.

Play your piano by tapping its keys on the paper. Drawing a piano PowerPoint Presentation: From the classroom to the boardroom.To make your custom printed jewelry hang tags truly unique, we’re giving you options to set the style, size, paper type, and even provide a rounded corner option.

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