The case of jamie bulger

Both men were fatally shot as they exited the bar. InFlemmi testified that he brought Davis to a vacant South Boston home he had purchased for his parents.

The case of jamie bulger

He was responsible for the cases of Venables and Thompson for the first five years of their detention — precisely where they were to be detained, levels of security, arrangements for education, health, and the detail of therapeutic and psychiatric supervision. These lessons, says Stevens, have never been publically considered in the context of a Serious Case Review for instance but are as wholly necessary now in as they were in to ensure equal measures of support, supervision and surveillance to assure rehabilitation and public protection.

The case of jamie bulger

The Bulger case is back in the news again. This time because 31 year old Jon Venables is reported to have been released from prison on parole and once again under the supervision of a probation officer. The last time this happened was back in The then Home Secretary, David Blunkett, just as other Home Secretaries before him, and since, seized the opportunity to be 'tough'.

All politicians like to be 'tough' on something or other. Blunkett reassured the country that he would take personal responsibility to ensure Venables was supervised properly! He called for daily reports.

Presumably Blunkett thought that the depth of his political talent outweighed that of a Probation Service with a years or so previous experience in handling serious cases like that.

Either way, that and the trial Judge's decision to allow publication of the two boys' names were two dreadful decisions, which caused and will continue to cause immeasurable difficulties for the process of rehabilitation. PDF His Review was set up after Venables had been sent to prison for child pornography offences which, along with a whole range of other serious breaches of his parole licence, were seemingly committed right under the nose of his supervising officer and by inference, under the Home Secretary's nose too.

And with that obfuscation, the opportunity to learn key lessons about child protection, employment, and public accountability arising from his changed but false identity passport application, employers criminal record checks, Schedule One Offender notification to social services, foreign travel etc was compromised and lost.

The case of jamie bulger

For me, this was most unfortunate because the case has always been plagued, from the outset, by polarised ill-informed opinions and a media hungry for stories and half stories.

The Omand Report should and would have been an excellent opportunity to inspire the sort rational debate and reflection that has never really taken place. Let's hope all is not lost.

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Otherwise Venables will become an inevitable member of the 'revolving-door club' to which the present Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, refers in his commitment to reducing the number of prisoners who return to prison time after time. Grayling's vision is to see every prisoner on release having a mentor, a wise friend not the Home Secretary thenemployment and somewhere to live.

He is right of course and apart from sending daily reports to the Home Secretary on every case, even Blunkett might agree with that! But I doubt very much if that alone will be sufficient in the case of Jon Venables.

The Bulger case legacy: Institutional vengeance against children who kill?

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Tabloid hysteria

Denise Fergus, mother of murdered child James Bulger, seems to have extraordinary powers. Since the return to prison of Jon Venables, who was 10 years old when he killed Bulger in February Oct 30,  · Convicted double-murderer Fotios "Freddy" Geas, formerly of West Springfield, is under investigation for the slaying of legendary Boston gangster James "Whitey" Bulger at a .

This horror movie is notorious for its links to the murder of three year old Jamie Bulger, in Liverpool, England. The 10 year old killers, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, supposedly saw the film, and imitated a scene where a victim is splashed with blue paint. According to the Daily Record, while James Bulger’s tragic death went on to become one of the most high profile cases in British legal history, the family of Jamie Campbell feel their plight has.

the effect of media violence on children: James Bulger