The diary of marie antoinette essay

See Article History Alternative Titles: The monarchy was abolished on Sept.

The diary of marie antoinette essay

So she said, "Let them eat cake," instead, which was nearly impossible. That showed she didn't much care for them.

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Or, in another view, she didn't understand the situation. The actual quote attributed to her is: But Brioche is made with a lot of butter and eggs, so it's much more expensive than ordinary bread. Most important thing is, she never said it. The phrase was coined long before she was accused of saying it by journalists wanting to ruin her reputation.

Like with the diamond necklace affair-- In that incident, a con artist under the disguise of the name Comtesse de La Motte, tricked Cardinal de Rohan into buying a very expensive diamond necklace, to which Motte said the queen wanted.

Once bought, Motte sold it to a jeweler and made her escape, and Cardinal de Rohan, under the impression Marie Antoinette had received it, expected the queen to pa y for it.

The affair became public, and although Marie Antoinette was innocent in the whole affair, it was widely believed that she had accepted the necklace and refused to pay for it. Also, people didn't like her because she couldn't bring heirs to the throne for several years.

But that wasn't her fault-- Louis XVI had a medical condition that disable him from reproducing-- down there, if you catch my drift. He got surgery later on to fix it. One other thing-- she didn't wear corsets, and the traditional French disliked her for it.

They said she wore undergarments in public! She was shunned because her style was 2 centuries too early. She was executed without proof of her crimes-- treason, I think it was.

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Partly And my report on her Freshman year of high school.Watch video · Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were executed for treason. Louis had failed to address France's financial problems, instigating the French Revolution that eventually descended upon him.

Essay on Biography of Marie Antoinette - Biography of Marie Antoinette Born with the name Antonia, Marie Antoinette was born in Vienna, Austria on November 2, Marie-Antoinette was one of the 16 children of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and Empress Maria Theresa, queen of Hungary and Bohemia.

The diary of marie antoinette essay

Marie Antoinette Essay example - Archduchess of Austria and Queen of France The future Queen of France was born on All Souls' Day, 2nd November, , in Vienna as the youngest daughter of Maria Theresa and the Emperor Franz Stephan. The next day, Louis and Marie Antoinette became prisoners of the Third Estate, or the “common people”, until their respective executions in The Women’s March brought to an end the great monarchy of Versailles.

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Marie Antoinette Online Mary Wollstonecraft (biography) NM's Creative Impulse: The Development of Western Civilization - The French Revolution (mucho links). Maria Theresa was an Austrian archduchess, and Holy Roman Empress of the Habsburg Dynasty from to She was also Marie Antoinette’s mother.

Maria Theresa was born May 13, , in.

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