The labyrinth of political beliefs essay

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The labyrinth of political beliefs essay

Two things have been bugging me lately. One is a growing thing that I can only refer to as a form of cultural imperialism in the larger pagan community. What do I mean by this? I mean a point of view that functions as a way of creating and maintaining The labyrinth of political beliefs essay unequal relationship between the dominant pagan culture and all other pagan cultures.

A bunch of people got very upset over the fact that this slogan was used as part of a Halloween theme last October. Yes, there was a period when it was often used to persecute those with pagan beliefs, or at least vaguely pagany-sorta-looking beliefs.

It was sometimes used as a cover for discrimination against women. Pretending ownership of the word in order to pursue your own agenda is pretty lame. Pagans do not own the word. Just because it was sometimes applied to them does not let them ignore all of the other uses of the word.

Being so myopic as to insist that only the way you use the word is proper, and that all other uses of the word must be judged by the standards of your own beliefs and political agenda is plain old cultural imperialism, wearing a new mask.

Then there is something even more disturbing. This list includes devotional polytheism, reconstructionist paganism, druidry, heathenry, and any tradition with a hierarchy or secret mystery traditions.

Egalitarianism, he rapturously declares, is the One True Path. Just like in nature, he effervesces, where there are no hierarchies at all, and all plants and animals help each other out of a sense of friendly brotherhood.

Gag me with a spoon. Wildermuth, and his devoted followers, are astonishingly blind to hypocrisy, irony, and the definition of fascism. So let me provide it for you, Mr.

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You see, each stick alone is weak, and can be broken. But tied together in a bundle, they are strong. In other words, Mr. Wildermuth, fascism is all about enforcing uniformity of belief and behavior in order to be strong, and to advance your particular set of beliefs and ideals.

Do you condemn traditional Chinese folk religion? Its core belief is that the world takes the form that it does because the Celestial Bureaucracy has ordered it to take that form.

Do you condemn Kemeticism? It is based in hierarchy, too. Much of the religion, both ancient and modern, is centered around its own divine hierarchy, as mediated in the person of the pharaoh.

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You are not the popes of paganism. Your view of paganism is not one held by many historical forms of paganism. Your declaration that people who put the gods first, or believe in hierarchies, are to be looked at with distrust and suspicion is downright insulting. I am a neo-tribalist, Wildermuth. I am a heathen.

I have fought long and hard against the racist, Folkist elements of my faith. Wildermuth, can you guess which finger I am holding up?

Hierarchies abound in nature, Wildermuth. Anyone practicing a traditional, pagan, nature-oriented religion has every right to respect, honor, and benefit from such natural constructs. You have no right to claim that these are signs of right wing activity.

You have no right to dismiss our beliefs. And you know what? Hierarchies and anarchy are not mutually exclusive. I am an anarchist. And I believe that hierarchies are useful, necessary, and have their place.

What, are you king of the anarchists, now, too? The wonderful thing about polytheism is all the variety. There are many paths, many beliefs.YONGCHUN CAI AND HERBERT J. BATT 49 Into the Labyrinth: An Introduction to Postmodern Chinese Fiction A prehistoric sheep’s head appears to a wandering man in the middle of.

The Grace cathedral - Sample Essay When I saw the front of the Grace Cathedral, I was amazed at the architecture of the doors and the walls; they were very beautifully sculpted. The white-and-gray terrazzo-paved maze, to the right of the front entrance seemed as if it took forever to get to the middle.

Those who think that political correctness is only a harmless absurdity perpetrated by intellectuals will soon be laughing on the other side of their face when they read this book. -- Theodore Dalrymple, author of Threats of Pain and Ruin and Out Into the Beautiful World.

However, political speech is going to deserve to at least a portion of the audience. 5. Most laws prevent employers from refusing to hire people because of their race, but employers can take race into account in more subtle ways. “A people's art is the genesis of their freedom.” Beyond the labyrinth of belief and politics, the congregation of our physical bodies with common purpose stimulates the asking of almost.

The labyrinth of political beliefs essay

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