The wm wrigley jr company

History[ edit ] InWrigley Jr.

The wm wrigley jr company

Company operates as the largest chewing gum manufacturer in the world, supplying nearly half of all chewing gum sold in the United States. Fourth generation William Wrigley Jr.

After serving a year as a soap stirrer, Wrigley won a promotion to the sales staff. Still in his teens, the junior Wrigley drove a horse-drawn wagon loaded with soap through the crowded metropolises of the northeastern United States.

Peddling soap, Wrigley soon learned the importance of gentle persuasion. He learned to make friends through kind, deferential conversation, and, in the process, move tons of soap.

The product, however, was shunned by local merchants who complained that, priced at only five cents per box, the soap provided them with almost no profit margin. Wrigley convinced his father to double the retail price of the soap and induce sales through premiums.

Wrigley purchased 65, cheap red umbrellas to give away with soap purchases. While the dye in the umbrellas ran when it rained, the devices succeeded in selling a lot of soap.

In addition, while the concept required some fine tuning, the experience confirmed to Wrigley that premiums were a good idea and an effective sales aid.

The wm wrigley jr company

At this point, Wrigley decided to strike out on his own as an independent soap wholesaler. He chose to give away baking powder as a premium and, oddly, promoted soap sales with a cookbook.

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Before long, demand for the baking powder outstripped demand for the soap. InWrigley abandoned the soap business altogether to concentrate on selling baking powder. However, tiring of the business, he chose not to offer soap as the premium for baking powder.

Instead, he began to search for a new premium. Wrigley probably first saw chewing gum as a young soap peddler.

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Long in existence, gum extracted from spruce bark had been used by Native Americans as a relaxing and habit-forming pastime.

Gum in the s was still extracted from spruce gum and from paraffin, a tasteless and odorless waxy petroleum product that refused to be chewed down.

These primitive gums could hold flavoring agents, such as licorice extracts, but became tasteless globs after only a few minutes of energetic chewing.

At the time, only about a dozen gum companies existed. After conducting some research, Wrigley suggested to his supplier, Zeno Manufacturing, that it try making gum with chicle, a coagulated latex extract from tropical sapodilla trees.

Until this time, chicle was used primarily in the manufacture of rubber. InWrigley bought out Zeno and merged the two companies into the Wm.

The new company introduced two new brands to the market. The Vassar brand was targeted to women, while Lotta Gum was intended for the general market.For more information on Wrigley brands and products in other countries, please visit one of the following international sites (please note, international websites are in local languages).


Nov 24,  · The company was founded in and is based in Chicago, Illinois with additional offices in the United States and internationally. As of October 6, , Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company Location: West Evergreen Avenue Chicago, IL United States. In , Wrigley bought out Zeno and merged the two companies into the Wm.

Wrigley Jr. Company. The new company introduced two new brands to the market. The Vassar brand was targeted to women, while Lotta Gum was intended for the general market. About Wm.

The wm wrigley jr company

Wrigley Jr. Company. The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company chews up the competition as the world's #1 maker of chewing gum. The company's products include such popular chewing gums as Big Red, Doublemint, Spearmint, Eclipse, Extra, and Juicy Fruit, as well as novelty gums Hubba Bubba and other kid-friendly gums.

WM Wrigley Jr Company manufactures and distributes candy. The Company offers chewing gum, mints, chewy candies, lollipops, and chocolate. Wrigley serves customers grupobittia.comon: North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL , United States.

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Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company was founded in and generated an estimated revenue of more than £50m in This company is working within the Nonchocolate Confectionery Manufacturing industry.

It owns 73 subsidiaries.

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