What makes you wait for the

We often get frustrated waiting for fast food or waiting for a slow car in the fast lane. Other people get really antsy when they have to wait for their dead phone to charge.

What makes you wait for the

I am certain that you have experienced times like these, and know that the temptation in such times is to despair and to demand, to grow angry and impatient.

Though God means to give you the comfort or mercy you long for, he usually first exercises your patience by making you wait. He does that for these 3 reasons: Sponsor Become a Patron Because this is not the right time for you to receive that mercy.

Simply stated, God does not judge time as you do. You are in a hurry, but God is not, and he knows the perfect time to dispense his mercy.

Will you wait for his timing? These difficult circumstances have not accomplished in your heart what God means for them to accomplish.

Though you may be earnest and impatient in your desire for what you believe are better circumstances, God will wait until the trial has accomplished his purposes.

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The more you pray and the more you search your heart, the sweeter the relief will be when it comes. God means to overwhelm you with his grace, and it may take fervent prayer and humble patience for you to respond to his mercy in the right way. You may even go so far as to conclude that God is angry with you and has closed his ears to your prayers.

But the God who has saved you will never turn his back on you. Instead of believing such lies, consider these 6 things: God is delaying his mercy for your benefit.

What to Do When God Makes You Wait

God is waiting so that he may extend grace to you at the perfect moment. Right now you are in the time of preparation where God is readying the comfort he means to give you. A foolish child plucks an apple while it is green.

But when that apple is ripe, it drops off of its own accord and is far more delicious and wholesome. Wait with wisdom and patience. It will be worth the wait. A heart that trusts in God is far more precious than any comfort.

It is a greater mercy to have a heart that trusts in God than to enjoy the comfort you are sure you need.


Mercy is never nearer than when your heart and hope is lowest. Light shines the brightest when you are sure that only darkness remains. God delays his mercy because you are unfit to receive it.

What makes you wait for the

God may holding it back for your own good, even while you grumble and complain about his lack of haste. Remember that any mercy you desire is only and entirely a gift of grace. Because of this, the only proper way to wait for it is with patience and gratitude. You are waiting for a gift, not for your just reward.

Consider how many people are forever cut off from all hope of mercy. Consider those who are perishing without grace and how for them all that remains is the further expectation of wrath.

This might have been you if not for the grace of God.Then it was revealed to me through prayer, this book and revelation that we have to wait because I have to be cleaned up from all of the bad put in me by my 20 year marriage.

in order to be good for a new relationship the old has to be polished and pushed out. Making you wait is an old power move people employ to increase their statuses. Here is a 7 step guide to restore power when someone makes you wait. When God Makes You Wait “Jesus could have come and healed Lazarus when he was still alive.

Instead, He waited to raise him from the dead when he was already in his grave. God could have made David become king the day after he was anointed.

5 Reasons Why God Makes You Wait. 5 Reasons Why God Makes You Wait. By Ramli Solidum in Article June 2, Most people don’t like the feeling of waiting. We often get frustrated waiting for fast food or waiting for a slow car in the fast lane.

Other people get really antsy when they have to wait for their dead phone to charge. When God Makes You Wait has ratings and 50 reviews. Shon said: The wildernessI decided to read this book due to the waiting period I am in in my ow /5. Why God Makes You Wait.

Because I want to focus mainly on what to do while we wait, I will only highlight the consensus around the important reasons why God makes us wait. It is a necessary support for our maintaining the focus and endurance in our remaining active while we wait. If each of these were reasons were measured by a meter, God is.

What To Do When Someone Makes You Wait: 7 Steps To Restore Power