Youth mentoring

Mentoring Effects[ edit ] Research on Mentoring Effects Much research has been conducted on youth mentoring with the intent of determining whether or not there are positive benefits for youth and, if so, under what conditions the positive effects are most likely to occur.

Youth mentoring

Learn how to determine if a mentoring program is what you need. What is a mentoring program? Why should you set up a Youth mentoring or partnership program?

How do you decide whether to set up a mentor program? One-on-one instruction, or mentoring, is one of the oldest forms of teaching. Our parents and grandparents are our earliest mentors; later, we may be mentored by--or act as mentors to--brothers, sisters, and friends.

Mentor programs work because they provide encouragement and guidance to each adolescent or child that participates. This introductory section offers a general discussion on the rationale behind such programs and outlines the advantages they provide.

Reflection questions will help you decide if you want to begin a mentoring program, and an overview of the rest of the sections in the chapter is given.

Participants in mentor programs, both young and old, share their values and personal goals in a mutually respectful, supportive way which leads to a more enriched life for both. Among youth in mentoring programs, there have been recorded increases in: When thinking about whether or not to establish a mentor program in a school, workplace, or neighborhood, answering the following questions can help you decide if it is the right idea for you.

What are the advantages of a mentor program over another strategy to get people involved with the community, young people, and their futures?

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Is a mentor program an appropriate strategy for the population you want to reach? What will youngsters, employees, or community members gain from having a mentor?

The next point to consider is the type of mentoring program you want. Three different types are possible: Although this chapter focuses primarily on adult-adolescent youth programs, many of the skills discussed can be transferred to either of the other types of program.

That is, anyone can enhance his or her situation, surroundings, and level of success by becoming actively involved in his or her own self-improvement. Consider what qualities make a good mentor, and how to recognize and recruit people with those characteristics. A mentoring program that is both well-planned and well-run can have a tremendous impact on the lives of many people.

Print Resources Basualdo-Delmonico, A. First do no harm: Ethical principles for youth mentoring relationships. The kindness of strangers: Adult mentors, urban youth, and the new volunteerism.

How to establish a mentoring program. Training and Development Journal, 41 3 Factors in sustaining adult voluntary mentoring relationships with at-risk youth.This thoroughly updated Second Edition of the Handbook of Youth Mentoring presents the only comprehensive synthesis of current theory, research, and practice in the field of youth grupobittia.coms David L.

DuBois and Michael J. Karcher gather leading experts in the field to offer critical and informative analyses of the full spectrum of topics that are essential to advancing our understanding. Youth Mentoring. Become A Mentor.

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Mentoring assures a young person that there is someone who cares about them. A mentor, in its true sense, is an advocate, who through guidance and caring can help a child build a meaningful and productive life.

Benefits for Young People Mentoring is often one component of a program that involves other elements, such as tutoring or life skills training and coaching.

The supportive, healthy relationships formed between mentors and mentees are both immediate and long-term and contribute to a host of benefits for mentors and mentees. Youth Frontiers is an initiative of the NSW Government that targets students aged years, with the capacity to benefit from the support of a mentor..

Each year, more than 1, young people have the opportunity to participate in the program. Young people participating in Youth Frontiers are matched with mentors who spend at least 35 hours over six months supporting them to achieve their.

Mentoring Stories Brothers in Arm Youth Mentoring - Capturing the powerful self-talk of 4 young people involved in mentoring.

Youth mentoring

We are thrilled to be able to share a powerful new 3 minute video Brothers In Arms Youth Mentoring has just released. Mentoring provides youth with mentors who can develop an emotional bond with the mentee, have greater experience than the mentee, and can provide support, guidance, and opportunities to help youth succeed in life .

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